Built In
40 Stories
Incl. 8 Story Grand Central Post Office
Building Size
910,273 sqf
Floor Sizes
20,000 - 40,000 rsf Plates
Passenger Cars
15 x 3,500 lbs
Freight Cars
2 x 3,500 - 4,500 lbs
Lobby Shuttle Cars
5 x 5,500 lbs


The base of the facade is clad in cream limestone accented by granite pillars and ornamental carvings. The tower features a curtain wall of granite pies and spandrels, alternating with tinted glass windows. All windows are set-in, thermal-glazed, double-paned glass, set into the curtainwall panels.

Ground Floor Lobby

Walls are beige-toned granite and bordered in matching polished marble. Columns are dual-toned, featuring dark green marble banded in black granite.

Garden Lobby

Walls finished in hand-rubbed mahogany and polished honey-beige marble. Matching marble tiled floors, accented by borders with the deep green marble.


1 Gigabyte per second fiber-optic broadband service provided by three major carriers, and digital TV by two.

Building Access & Security

31 uniformed guards; 24/7 EAP/ FSD coverage; CCTV cameras covering entrance lobby/ lobby desk, Garden Lobby, stairwells and loading dock. NYPD cameras outside 45th St. entrance; Access card readers.


Power load is 16,000 amps entering building via 4,000-amp, 480 volt, 3-phase services feed at 265/460 volts. Power transported from the 6th floor switchgear room via low and high-rise ducts to electrical closets on each floor, reduces to 120 volts for appliance use. Expansion room is available for installing additional stabs and switchboards. Each tenant floor has a capacity of 8 watts/per usable square foot USF at 480/277 volts, or 5.5 watts USF at 120/208 volts.


Steam is converted to hot water by two plate and frame heat exchangers and distributed to the perimeter heating system of baseboard convectors or hot water coils. Cooling is supplied by a central plant composed of a 4-cell cooling tower, with four VFD-equipped motors providing condenser water to the three 1,005-ton chillers serving AHUs on each floor.


Davis Polk and Wardwell, Warburg Pincus, Morgan Stanley, Federated Investors.

Fire/Life Safety Systems
Fire Command Center

- Class E Fire Alarm and Voice Annunciation System/display
- Two-way voice communication
- 47-unit CCTV unit monitoring system
- Elevator lock-out (also handled at Lobby Desk)
- Emergency Action/Fire Safety/ Massey/ Crisis Communications
and Floorplans; Building information Cared, Special Assistance List

Life Safety

Upgraded Class “E” system with computer interface, central alarm panel, strobe light alarms, illuminated exit signs, battery back-up light fixtures, and hard-wired battery-operated smoke detectors; automatic sprinkler system has flow switches, pull stations, Siamese connections with hose cabinets, and diesel-powered pumping equipment.

Emergency Generator

1,400 kw, diesel-powered. Provides up to 18 hours of power for elevators and all critical life safety equipment.